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Genome Medical Science

Genome Research

Clinical outcomes of infectious diseases are dependent of the association between the pathogen and the host factors. Several human genome projects are enable us to analyze the genetic or epigenetic factors of individuals.
Our goal of this project is to develop new diagnosis kits and drugs for cure of infectious diseases. Genome data of patients infected with viruses such as hepatitis B, C, E virus, HIV, and HTLV-1 are collected and combined with their clinical and virus sequence data to determine a novel factor associated with clinical outcomes.

Hepatitis Research

Our team focus on basic and clinical studies of hepatitis B, and C based on the data of clinical outcomes. Several studies of virological research and disease progression are conducted with collaborators. In clinical, the studies to protect against reactivation of hepatitis B and clinical trials have been in progress.

International collaborations

We have a lot of collaborators worldwide such as Central Asia, West-East Asia, Central America, and Africa. We have collected both clinical data and patient’s samples in each country. Our data have been referred by these government to make the protocol for the protection from infectious diseases. We provide an opportunity for the training of the experimental techniques to analyze viral and host factors.

Main Staff

Project Leader Masashi Mizokami
Vice Project Leader Nao Nishida
Research Fellows Tomoko Date
National Center for Global Health and Medicin