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Regenerative Medicine

Research Topic

Research using skin stem cells
  • Characterization of human and mouse adipose-derived stem cells and their plasticity
  • Isolation of pluripotent stem cells of the dermis and analysis of their function in vivo after induction of differentiation
Research on ES and iPS cells
  • Establishment of patient-derived iPS cells
  • Induction of differentiation in pancreatic tissue culture system
Angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis
  • Development of angiogenic therapy using mesenchymal stem cells
  • Development of a new treatment for lymphedema
Liver Research
  • Characterization of liver stem/progenitor cells
  • Research on fibrosis of the liver

Main Staff

Director Hitoshi Okochi
Section Chief, Section of Developmental Biology and Cell Manipulation Minoru Tanaka
Senior Research Fellow Shigeharu Yabe
Research Fellows Satsuki Fukuda
Satoshi Matsui
Student Researchers Shinya Tsurusaki
Takuya Kimura
Yuri Nagashima
Ayana Maruyama
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The Research Center for Hepatitis and Immunology
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