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Refractory Viral Infection

Research Topic

To advance the analysis of the pathological development of refractory viral infections such as HIV-1, HTLV-1, and hepatitis B virus, and to develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic methods for such viral infections.

  • Research on development of new anti-HIV drugs effective against drug-resistant HIV and elucidation of resistance mechanisms
  • Development of new anti-HBV drugs effective against hepatitis B virus that is resistant to existing chronic hepatitis B drugs
  • Development of new drugs and therapies for new coronavirus infections

Main Staff

Director Hiroaki Mitsuya
Section Chief Nobuyo Kuwata
Senior Research Fellow Shinichiro Hattori
Research Fellow Yuki Takamatsu
Specially Appointed Researchers Sukenaga Yoshikazu
Research Assistants Asuka Fujiwara
Mariko Kato
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